You & Me Valentine Bag

The Valentine’s Day countdown has started.  Mom’s are lurking Pinterest for unique classroom and treat ideas ’cause us crafty moms have to bring in the coolest Valentine’s, right?  Competitive…say whaat??I’m up over on the Echo Park Blog today sharing a Valentine Bag using the Head Over Heels collection that would be perfect to carry all those cute lil’ Valentines’s the kiddos{and mom} have worked so hard to make.

Valentine Bag

You & Me Valentine Bag

The Valentine’s Bag is cut from a Jamie Cripps 3D Handle Gift Bag cut file and I added a decorative wood heart dyed with Rit Dye inside the bag for extra Valentine’s Day cuteness.  Maybe a teacher’s Valentine??

Use Rit Dye to Dye Wood

I love using Rit Dye with my wood projects.      For this wood heart, I dyed it with Cherry Red dye and added Echo Park’s Head Over Heels Element Stickers.

Decorative Wood Heart

What’s unique about Echo Park’s Head Over Heels collection are the chalkboard elements.  Chalkboard typically doesn’t pop in my mind when creating Valentines projects but it really does add a nice element.

Echo Park Head Over Heels Kit

You can see more Valentine’s projects using the  “Head Over Heels” collection on the Echo Park Blog.

Supplies Used:
Rit Dye- Cherry Red
Echo Park Head Over Heels Kit

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