AREA 51 Pinewood Derby Car

 For my sons Cub Scout Derby car this year I finally had the idea of cutting my own vinyl to make an AREA 51 Pinewood Derby Car.  I seriously don’t know why I never thought of this before. Those expensive car decals transfers are a pain to work with and the variety is limited.I have to give all the credit of this car to my husband from using the saw to shape the car, coming up with the theme and even transferring of vinyl to the car. Yes-he did!  Of course, my little Scout had his input too but Daddy did most of it. 

Pinewood Derby Car embellished with vinyl decals cut with Cricut
We used Cricut Indie Art for the decals.  The vinyl idea started by just cutting flames then my husband saw what else was else was available on the Indie Art cartridge and he came up with the idea of AREA 51.  We actually do live in Nevada, so the AREA 51 idea seemed pretty cool and my son thinks aliens are awesome anyways.

 Pinewood Derby Car Cricut.  Area 51 theme

Pinewood Derby Car Vinyl Decals with Cricut

Here’s how I made it:
Indie Art– atomic decals cut 1 inch except alien head & flames.
The alien I enlarged on my Gypsy because it’s actually the center of the atom symbol.
BTW-I had no idea I had an alien in my Cricut collection!
For the flames I needed to adjust the size manually to 1 inch high and 3 inches long.

Printing Press Area 51 font cut at .75 inches.



Pinewood Derby Car Fun

So, we didn’t have the fastest car, Daddy definitely needs to work on some speed next year but the car looked way cool!


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    Awww! My son was in cub scouts and did the pine wood derby….his car looks amazing!! LOVE the fact you used vinyl!! Sorry he didn’t win, but it is so fun!


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    Your son is the cutest! I love that your husband got into using the cricut vinyl! Way to go, hubby! Thanks for linking up to Jaihart! Smiles, Jill

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