Old Jeans Out, Denim Flowers In Journal

I’ve finally recovered a composition book and I’m not really sure why it took me so long to try this idea.  This must be the most simple and inexpensive personalized gift you can give to a teacher, a student or really anyone in general…I’d like to have one for myself!My daughter gave this notebook to her teacher when she graduated from preschool.


Denim Flower Altered Notebook

Flowers made from Old Jeans

I made the rolled denim flowers out of a pair of my son’s old jeans, added pearls in the middle and then used a font cut from Birthday Cakes .
Now that the Fall/Winter season is over, I’ve recently came into a lot of denim.  Let me tell you why…
My son has many pairs of ragged out jeans, not out-grown jeans,  just plain worn out jeans.   He seems to blow out the knees on every pair of  jeans he owns, especially the right knee.  I’m still not quite sure how he manages to do this and since I don’t sew (Ack!),  there’s no way I’m attempting to sew in any sort of knee patch.
Instead, I’ve just decided when he’s reached the trash picker look and I can no longer allow him out in public with gaping holes in his knees…..the denim is getting retired to my craft room.

Anyways, thanks to my son, the denim pile is stacking up so get to craft.   I heart denim!

Thanks for looking.