Party Minecraft Style

Are your kids Minecraft Crazy?  Mine sure are.  They play Minecraft on their Kindles but if I’m not looking I’ll catch them playing the game on my phone or on the iPad…..It really does get quite annoying ’cause they’re sneaky sneaks.If you haven’t heard about Minecraft, it’s THE electronic game craze right now.
So, my kids gave me a crash course…..somethin’ about mining blocks, blowing things up, growing stuff, collecting items, a guy named Steve and Creepers.At first, I thought the game was called Mindcraft.  Ya know, like using your “Mind” to build things.  I’m still not quite sure if Creepers are good or bad but I managed to learn enough between my kids and Google to throw a lil’ 9th Birthday Party, Minecraft Style for my son.

Ideas on how to throw a Minecraft party
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The Minecraft party was complete with a Creeper birthday banner, Creeper cupcakes, TNT, Minecraft candy, Creeper balloons and Steve’s big ‘ol blockhead in the center of the table.
 Minecraft banner

Minecraft Party Banner

I made a Creeper birthday banner by using a pennant flag cut file on my Silhouette and downloaded the Minecraft Font to cut out my out my son’s name.

Minecraft banner

I then ran the letters through a burlap embossing folder to give them the texture look that they have in the game.  Cool, huh?

Minecraft Party Creeper Cupcakes

Creeper Cupcakes

Here’s my version of  lil’ Creeper cupcakes.  Very easy to make.
  • Bake a chocolate cake in 11 x 13 inch pan
  • Freeze cake {Definitely freeze…I learned this the hard way, you probably already know this..Ack!}
  • Cut cake into squares
  • Frost the sides of cake with chocolate frosting
  • Dust sides with crushed chocolate graham crackers
  • Make green frosting,  using a star tip pipe frosting on top of cake to look like grass.
I  printed off some Creeper clip art to make the cake toppers, matted them onto black cardstock then stuck them onto a toothpick.  Totally easy and way cheapo too.
Minecraft Party Table

Minecraft Party Table

For the table centerpiece, I found a print off  of Steve’s Head to make him life sized which worked perfect to hold the Creeper balloons.
 Minecraft Balloons

Creeper Balloons

To make the Creeper balloons, I welded a square and two rectangles together using my Silhouette and adhered the Creepers onto the balloon using Craft Glue Dots®.


Since part of the birthday party was to take the boys to see a movie together, I made up some Minecraft candy bags as party favors to take along to the movies.   Yep, I’m one of those people that sneak food into the theater.  Ahhh..paying for seven kids movie theater snacks ain’t happening.
Minecraft Party Favors

Minecraft Party Favors

My son picked out all the candy to represent items in the game and we printed off another Minecraft clip art to adhere on the bag.
  • TNT- Red Licorice
  • Fish- Gummy Fish
  • Gold- Rolo’s
  • Watermelon- Sour watermelon pieces
  • Bricks- Starbursts.
My son had a great time at his party and was thrilled with the decorations.   The  boys even told me I really did a good job with the Minecraft decorations…..aww shucks.  One boy even said he can appreciate all my effort….lol
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