Heart Garland

I saw this cute Heart Garland on Pinterest and of course I just had to make one myself.
Easy Heart Garland

Heart Garland

So simple to make and I didn’t even use my Cricut….Bleekk!

Here’s how I made mine:

7 -1 ” strips stacked in this order:

TIP: Arrange 3 pattern strips facing one way & then face the other 3 strips the opposite way.

Attach all the strips together at one end.
Bend the other unattached ends into a heart shape and adhere to the middle 6″ length.
Heart Garland

I strung the hearts on a raffia ribbon and added a pearl heart in the middle of each one.

I’m kind of digging the  non-traditional Valentines colors, may just have to keep it hanging up all year round.

Easy Heart Garland.  Love the Rustic Look!