Folded Heart Valentine’s

I passed notes in school as a kid.  These notes may not of included a “Check One” box inside of them too. I don’t seem to remember my unique folding techniques from back then but I do remember how to make Folded Heart Envelopes.So takin’ ya back old school, I’m sharing my nostalgic Folded Heart Valentine’s as part of  a Craft Lightning Valentine’s Edition.  Sooo, Will U be my Valentine?  Check YES or NO

Folded Heart Valentine's

Folded Heart Valentine’s

The idea behind Craft Lighting is to make a project in less than 15 minutes.  Technically, cutting and folding these hearts takes like 30 seconds {remember, ya gotta be quick in class}but making them cute takes a little bit longer. Not much longer tho.

How to make Folded Heart Valentine’s

How to make a folded heart Valentine

Folded Heart Valentine’s Tutorial

  • Cut out a heart.  I used my Silhouette to cut out hearts in various sizes.
  • Fold outer edges of heart towards the center.
  • Rotate heart and fold heart arches up (or don’t rotate and fold arches down..whatever works)
  • Fold point of heart down to make into a envelope.

Not only is this Folded Heart Valentine’s craft fast, it’s simple and fun activity for the kiddos to make and pass out on Valentine’s Day, not actually during regular class tho.

Supplies Used:

Pebbles Inc. Yours Truly Collection

Pebbles Inc. Yours Truly Stickers

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