Fall Pumpkin Plaque and Cookie Box

So happy to be back with Little Yellow Bicycle again designing with their Feels Like Home Collection.  It really is a gorgeous collection.  Perfect for any Fall project or gettin’ scrappy with them pumpkin patch photos. I really do enjoy Fall.  I’m one of those people who keep their Fall Decor up past Thanksgiving…say what??  No Christmas tree the day after Turkey Day?  Nope, not me.  I enjoy my Fall Decor more than my Christmas Decor.  Everything just seems to coordinate so nicely together in my house during the Fall months.

Fall Pumpkin Plaque dyed with Rit Dye and embellished with scrapbooking paper and embellishments

I’ve had this wood pumpkin plaque stashed away for awhile now and the  Feels Like Home collection inspired me get this lil’ pumpkin outta of the craft stash and into my Fall Decor.

Don’t you just love the color of that pumpkin?  Paint?  Nope, not paint. That would be Rit Dye, like the dye you use for tie-dying T-Shirts.  I’ve recently discovered how {awesome} Rit Dye works to stain wood.  I dyed this pumpkin plaque with Tangerine Rit Dye.


Fall Pumpkin Plaque dyed with Rit Dye and embellished with scrapbooking paper and embellishments

The Feels Like Home Collection comes with many warm and charming embellishments.  I matted the Fabric Favorites banner with blue chevron paper and adhered it over a scalloped oval I cut out on my Silhouette, LYB Decorative Edge Cardstock and jute ribbon.


Fall Pumpkin Plaque craft dyed with Rit Dye and embellished with scrapbooking paper and embellishments
The Paper Crafting Kit contains a variety of scored leaves and brown wire too.  Instead of stringing the leaves with the wire, I curled the wire and stuck it behind the jute bow along with a Fabric Favorites flower and a Feels Like Home stick pin.  I think that’s my new thing now…stick pins.  Love’em and LYB has a nice variety to choose from.
In case you don’t understand how I used Rit Dye to dye my wood …I’m just “dyeing” to show you…teehee.
Dye natural wood with Rit Dye to keep the wood grain
I forgot to take a before pic of my “naked wood” plaque so here’s a wood jack-o-lantern that I dyed with Tangerine Rit Dye.  I  make small batches of my dyes and keep them in mason jars.  See how nicely the dye keeps the wood grain?

Since the Little Yellow Bicycle Feels Like Home collection was making me feel all warm and fuzzy, I decided to make a treat box outta one sheet of Grey Lace patterned paper.

This One Sheet Cookie box is easy to make a perfect size to hold all those yummy handmade Fall treats

Yep, it takes one sheet of paper to make this box.  All you need is a sheet of 12×12 paper, a score board and adhesive. Ok..scissors will help too.  You can view my tutorial on how I made this Cookie Box.

One Sheet Cookie Box

To embellish the front of the box,  I trimmed the house edge off a piece of  Love Your Neighbor paper, added a Fresh Verse sticker, a rosette from the Paper Crafting Kit and a Chipboard Shapes in the center.


One Sheet Cookie Box


One of my favorite things about Fall Decor is raffia.  If I could, I’d wrap everything in raffia.  It makes a total mess on the floor but looks so great on packages.

You might be saying “so, where are the cookies for this cookie box”?  Well, I did make {prop} cookies but between the kids, hubs and OK, myself ,I didn’t have enough cookies left to fill up the box for a photo.  I mean who wants to receive a cookie box half full, right?
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