A Lil’ About Me

This is me, Holly Gagnon and I love all pretty paper, buttons, ribbon, twine, inks and anything I can craft with.   I started this blog as more of a way to keep track of things I created and little did I know back then that my blog would become like a full-time job activity… Bleeek!

I live in Las Vegas, NV -Whoo Hoo!  Not really that glamours though. I live in total suburbia-land with my husband and two kids along with a Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Stores all in my little driving radius.  I previously worked as a Registered Dietitian who has been lucky enough to hang up her lab coat and become a SAHM.

I started out as a scrapbooker about 10 years ago and can proudly admit that I was one of those scrappers who was totally caught up with my photos, memories and albums.  Picture taken, photo printed then scrapped.

In 2010, I was introduced to the world of die cutting thanks to my {super crafty} SIL.  I purchased a die cutting machine and my love of creating began.  I’ve been totally in love with any sort of paper crafting since.

My crafting obsession has now expanded into a craft room stockpiled with goods, gadgets, a sewing machine and various die cutting tools.  I can also say my scrapbooking is completely behind.  Like, 5 years behind- Ack!  I hope to pick it up again but I’ve been enjoying creating all types of projects as well  as designing for craft manufactures that my scrapbooking has ceased.

My most favorite thing to do is create unique and personalized gifts for friends and family.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about my crafting passion and I hope my blog inspires you.

Contact me at:  ribbonsandglue@gmail.com

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All content posted on this blog, unless otherwise referenced, is the original work of Holly Gagnon of www.ribbonsandglue.com.   I currently design for various craft manufacturing companies and am compensated either monetarily or with products.   Occasionally, I will provide affiliate links to products that I use in my creations and receive a small percentage of purchases made.   The opinions I express on this blog related to the products I use in my creations are solely my own and are not paid endorsements.   Please be respectful of my original work and do not copy my original designs and attempt to claim them as your own.   Any unauthorized use of my designs or artwork is prohibited.   If you would like to use my designs or artwork for anything other than personal use, please contact me at ribbonsandglue@gmail.com.