Avengers Birthday Party

Avengers Assemble…BAM…POW…ZAP!

We recently had a “family movie marathon” after watching the Avengers in the theater and then visiting our friendly Red Box to rent Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.
The Avengers became the theme of my son’s 8th birthday this year and thanks to shopping in my craft stash and finding some surprise cuts on my Gypsy (thanks to the Indie Art cartridge), it was pretty easy to pull everything together without needing to go out and purchase much. Gotta love that!
Avengers Birthday Party Table

Avengers Birthday Party Table

I  actually did enjoy the movies and love how they all came together into one story.  Of course, the men in the movies aren’t too bad to look at for a few hours either….. just saying.  I used Cricut Indie Art cartridge to design the party banner and  cupcake toppers.   Notice the Hulk fist’s on the back wall.   Yep, that’s another cut I found from the Indie Art cartridge too.

Avengers Birthday Party Invitations

Avengers Party Invitations

I made the birthday invitations by designing my own the Avenger symbol by welding a circle and stretching two rectangles together on my Gypsy.  Ok, I’ll admit, I’m pretty proud of my design and welding skills on this project.  I was really happy with the way the symbol turned out that I added a larger version to the party banner.


Avengers Party Banner

Avengers Party Banner

I used Indie Art cartridge to make all the party decorations except for Captain America’s Shield.  To make the shield,  I layered red, white and blue circles together then add a white star to the middle.  Easy Peasy!
Avengers Party Banner
Iron Man- POW
Thor- ZAP
Captain America’s shield
Avengers Cupcake Toppers

Avengers Cupcakes Toppers

Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man inspired cupcake toppers that coordinate with the party banner. 
Avengers Cupcakes

Avengers Cupcakes

Spray Painted Avengers T- Shirts

Avengers Party Favors T-Shirts

I gave Avengers T-shirts to the boys as party favors.   I enlarged the Avengers symbol I made for the invitations to use as a template then spray painted Krylon  flat black paint over the symbol.  The boys totally loved these shirts too.
Personalized Water Bottles Party Favors
Personalized Water Bottle Party Favors (for the girls)
We invited a few girls to the party since of course the birthday boy has a sister.  He wasn’t thrilled about having yucky girls at the party (which I’m sure he’ll change his mind about one day) but his only request was,  No Pink!  So, I used yellow vinyl to cut out the girls name from Cricut Plantin Schoolbook font.
 Avengers Birthday
Oh ya…Super Tough Birthday Boy!
Avengers Hulk Mask
 And The Hulk came for a little visit too….SMASH!
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