Paper Tearing & Chalking Tutorial…

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for The Paper Variety on a few basic techniques that I use for paper tearing and chalking.

What I like about chalk is it easily adds a subtle enhancement. You can add more or less by simply blending the color with a cotton ball or applicator unlike using ink pads. .
Mermaid Card made from tearing and chalking paper

Mermaid Card

I actually learned this paper tear technique from a scrapbooking demonstration that I attended on a Royal Caribbean Cruise years ago. The chalking was something else I’ve added.What a great vacation, huh? Sun, food and scrapping!

Paper Tearing and Chalking Tutorial
To make this card you will need:
*Cotton Balls and eyeshadow applicators (I just use cheap dollar store applicators).
* White Card Base
* 3- 1 inch white-core cardstock strips in blue tones for ocean colors.
*Die-cut with a body or face that can be enhanced with chalk. I used the Mermaid cut from
Life’s a Beach cartridge.
* Stamped sentiment from K. Andrew Designs.
How to tear paper
When you tear paper you either want to tear towards you or away from you. In this example, I’m tearing towards me because I want to see the white core. If you tear away from you, you’ll still see the rough edge but not the white core.
How to Chalk Paper
Using a cotton ball, choose a color you want to chalk with and cover the white torn edges as desired .
Torn Paper Waves
Using your cotton ball again, chalk the white background of the card in a circular motion to make the look of clouds or sky.
Stack and attach the waves to your card. Remember you’re making waves, they’re suppose to look uneven.

Paper Tearing and Chalking Tutorial
Now I want to add a little bit of color to my Mermaid.  Using an applicator, I added some pink to her cheeks, a little bit of tan to her skin and some yellow highlights in her hair. For detailed chalking, I like to use an applicator and blend with a cotton ball if needed.

So here she is…….enhanced with a sun-kissed tan and flowing blonde hair. I mean she is a Mermaid!
Here are a few more examples of paper tearing & chalking:

Add layered torn pattern paper to cards
and use chalk as desired
Use torn paper and chalk to make unique borders and  embellishments on layouts.
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